Terms and Conditions



The park only accepts holidaymakers and is not to be used as a base to carry out a trade/business of any form.
The Management has the right to decline acceptance of any overnight application for any reason. In particular if any application contains misrepresentations the Management may decline acceptance.
No person under the age of 18 is permitted to stay at the park unless they are accompanied by a parent or a legal guardian.

We are unable to accommodate Commercial Vehicles, or units other than specific tourist units.
We cater for families and couples and small groups. We reserve the right to refuse any booking.
All group bookings must be pre-booked and agreed by management.
We reserve the right to refuse or terminate a booking where we feel that the comfort of our guests may be put at risk.

Booking Confirmation

Touring & Camping

Following your booking and deposit/payment you will receive a receipt by email confirming your payment. Bookings for 1-3 nights: payment due in full at time of booking. Bookings for 4 nights or more: 50% deposit required or payment due in full. If you pay the minimum deposit, then the balance is due on arrival before you access your camping/touring site.

Deposits/payments are only refundable or transferrable with a minimum of 7 days notice. Please consider holiday insurance to avoid disappointment. Refunds cannot be made for any amendments made to the booking on arrival or during your stay.


Following your booking and deposit/payment you will receive a receipt by email confirming your payment. A deposit of 50% of the total cost of the stay is required to secure your booking. The balance must be paid in full a minimum of 14 days before arrival.

Deposits/payments are only refundable/transferrable (less 5% booking fee) with a minimum of 14 days notice. Please consider holiday insurance to avoid disappointment. Refunds cannot be made for any amendments made to the booking on arrival or during your stay.

Please note you will be asked for a €100 security deposit on arrival.

Payments can be made online using debit or credit card. Debit cards have no processing fee. Credit cards have a 2% processing fee.

Management reserves the right to cancel any booking without explanation up to 24 hours after time of booking and refund any payment made.

Conditions of Booking

We pride ourselves on being a family orientated park; we only accept bookings from families or couples or small groups. We have a strict noise curfew on our site from 11 p.m. to 8 a.m. We reserve the right to decline or terminate the booking of any guest(s) whose party make-up or behaviour interferes or may interfere with the general comfort of other guests. In this event no refunds will be made.

Touring & Camping Pitch Allocation

Sites are available on a first come, first served basis. We cannot guarantee that units booked in together will be beside each other on site.

Please note that the registration of the car and caravan must match or the unit will not be allowed on site.


Payment on arrival to the park can only be made by cash, debit card or credit card. No caravan/motorhome/tent will be allocated a site until the full balance has been paid. Families will not have access to rental accommodation until the full balance has been paid. Please do not ask staff to allow access to site without full balance payment as refusal may offend. All prices are quoted in Euro.

No Shows

Touring & Camping

If no notification is given, and the pitch is not occupied by 12 p.m. the day after the booked arrival date, then the Park reserves the right to re-let the pitch with payment non-refundable and the booking non-transferrable.

Mobile Home

If no notification is given, and the customer has not made contact by 9 p.m. on the arrival date, then the Park reserves the right to take full payment for the stay. The deposit/payment is non-refundable and non-transferrable.


On arrival, all customers/visitors are to report to reception. Your arrival is welcome from 12 noon for camping/touring bookings, from 4 p.m. for self- catering accommodation hire. Access to the park will not be permitted until payment is received in full. All visitors must arrive before 9 p.m. unless alternative arrangements have been made with reception.

Checkout time on the day of departure is by 12 p.m. for touring & camping and by 11 a.m. for mobile home hire. No refunds will be given for departing nights early. Please do not ask as refusal may offend.

Mobile Home Hire

Smoking is NOT allowed inside the accommodations, on the accommodation decking or near window/door openings. We do not allow pets inside any of our accommodation.

You must use your accommodation and its contents with care and leave it in a clean and tidy condition on departure. We reserve the right to charge you for any extra cleaning, missing items or damage. We reserve the right to enter your accommodation at any time for any reasonable purpose, for example, to make checks, maintenance work or housekeeping. Your occupation is not exclusive.

The members of your party and the allocation of guests in each accommodation unit must remain the same for the whole of your stay.

The maximum number of guests in each accommodation unit (as stated on our website) must not be exceeded. If it is, we may move those additional persons to another accommodation unit and will charge you or them the appropriate full charge for the additional accommodation, from the date your party arrived for the break.

Requests for specific accommodation units must be made at time of reservation and whilst we will endeavour to meet all special requests, they cannot be guaranteed. If confirmation of your reservation depends on a particular house being available, we regret we cannot accept the booking.

Extended Stays

If you wish to extend your stay, then please check with reception as soon as possible or check online. Extensions can be arranged subject to availability , however there is no guarantee that pitches/accommodation can be extended beyond the dates originally booked.

Minimum Stays

Touring/Camping have a minimum stay of three nights for all bank holiday weekends Friday – Monday (Easter, May, June, August and October)
MobileHomes have a minimum stay of three nights for the Easter, May, June and October Bank holiday weekends. Mobile home units have a minimum stay of 7 nights from July until the end of August.


Please respect the privacy of other guests and keep noise to a minimum between the hours of 10.00pm and 9.00am with absolute quiet between 11pm 8.00am.
Group gatherings must finish at 11pm.
Musical instruments/audio players/radios must not be played after 10.00pm.
No trespassing on adjoining properties or causing nuisance to other landowners.
Open fires and ground level barbecues are not permitted.
Barbecues must finish by 11pm.
We reserve the right to require guests who contravene these terms and conditions or, who in any other way are behaving in a manner likely to cause distress or nuisance to other management or visitors, to leave the park immediately. In these circumstances your stay at the park ceases and we shall not be liable for any extra costs incurred by you. [We will refund the proportion of the fee you have paid in respect of outstanding nights].


Speed must be kept to 15 km per hour and pedestrians and cyclists must be given priority.
You are not permitted to give anyone else driving lessons at the park and/or practice your driving at the park.
Quad bikes, trials bikes are not permitted on the park.

Late Night Car Park across from reception.


No games may be played in the vicinity of caravan/motorhome/tent pitches and ball games and other games are permitted only in the areas set aside for recreation.

Children [under (14)]:

Children are the responsibility of their parents or guardians at all times.

Children are to be supervised at all times so that they do not create a nuisance or danger to themselves or others.

Children must be accompanied to toilets by adults.

Children’s playtime and all ball games and other play activities end when darkness falls [July and August 10pm]


Dogs are permitted on site. The permission for a dog may be withdrawn if management considers the animal is a nuisance.
Dogs must be kept on a short lead and supervised by an adult at all times on the park and you must clean up if the animal defecates on the park.
Dogs are not allowed in the indoor areas or any of the Mobile Homes.


All your visitors must obtain our permission before entering the park.
Visitors must leave the park by 8pm unless otherwise agreed by management.
It is your responsibility to ensure that your visitors adhere to park rules.

If management finds that your visitor is disobeying park rules this may result in your visitor’s permission to enter the park being withdrawn.


To help the environment please recycle all glass, cardboard and household refuse in the appropriately marked bins.
The dropping of litter anywhere in the Park is forbidden. This especially includes cigarette butts.


No washing or clothes to be hung on fences or hedges. Rotary lines are only permitted subject to permission of the management.

Care of Your Possessions

It is your responsibility to look after and care for your possessions, valuables (i.e. watches, jewellery, photographic equipment, credit cards, etc.) and money whilst on holiday with us. You should not leave these items unattended in your accommodation or anywhere else around the Park.
To reduce the possibility of upset caused by loss or damage, we suggest you do not bring valuable possessions on holiday unless absolutely necessary. We recommend that you be comprehensively insured. In case of any loss, please contact reception in the first instance. Return of any lost property will incur a charge for postage and packing.
We do not accept any liability for loss or damage to your possessions.

Changes To Your Holiday by Us

We cannot accept responsibility or compensation for circumstances beyond our control including (but not limited to) natural disasters, industrial disputes, fire, technical problems, bad weather, acts of government, etc.
We will use all reasonable endeavours to ensure that it is open for use by visitors during normal opening hours.
However, We reserve the right, in its absolute discretion, whether for safety reasons or otherwise, and with or without prior notice, to close the park or any part of it. In the event of such closure, We will refund any customer the cost of his/her payments for accommodation.


All vehicle’s/caravan’s etc. are parked at owner’s risk. The management accept no liability for loss or damage while on the park or otherwise.

Anyone found vandalising or causing damage to any building, equipment or property of the park faces immediate eviction and/or prosecution. The person who booked will be responsible for all charges for all damage/breakages/loss caused by themselves or their visitors to the site or park facilities or other customers’ property.


The fire assembly point for the caravan park is the area to the front of the reception building. In the event of an emergency dial 999 for the emergency services and notify the reception immediately.

Data Protection

The information supplied on the booking form will be stored on computer for administrative purposes only. Under no circumstance will this information be provided to a third party.

Complaints Procedure

Should you be dissatisfied with any aspect of your stay you should contact the Management who in most cases will be able to help you immediately. In the unlikely event of the Management not being able to rectify the problem or if you remain dissatisfied please leave your complaint in writing at the Reception where any outstanding issues you may have will be resolved.